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Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Heroes Guide

If any of you recently fired Google Play Store or Apple App Store then you may have seen Mobile Legends in top trending games. Surely, the vivid graphics and interactive features letting it gain popularity quicker. This quite similar game to League of Legends and Heroes of Storms is offering some unique features like AI player as the connection breaks off and few more. There are lots of heroes provided, few are common and few are rare. Each one has unique abilities making them special and they have pros/cons too. Some are given for free in initial stages but later on, you need to spend currencies and obtain them.

Layla – Beginner Hero

The first hero to tackle with is Layla as it doesn’t require any kind of points to purchase. She is one of the best selected by default offering many things.

  • Being in Marksman Class make Layla good in taking turrets down and meanwhile, minions are able to take of all the heat.
  • The ranges are of mill range character stuff and each attack range is long. She can deal for decent damage easily.
  • Destruction rush is third skill and called as most powerful one. Using it against a hero let the opponent deal with the great

These are attacks going to give you boost in playing and taking down most of the opponent easily. Sniping of running enemies can help in taking of opponent quickly and it is her finisher attack. The given equipments for the Layla are helpful in better gameplay and faster progression.

Alucard – Interesting Hero

There are so many heroes and you can easily find that Alucard is the interesting hero offered by developers in the fighting class.

  • This specialized character for close quarters is purely effective to play against heroes as well the minions running around.
  • The damage is surely higher as it can deal with the great amount of damage and the skills are giving wide range as per the playing style.
  • The life Steal is one of the interesting thing about Alucard as he is able to gain health back with every single attack on the opponent.

Fission wave is third skill increases however it is for limited period of time while battling. It can take off too much power in few seconds. In the term of the best fighter in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, no one is able to compete against Alucard.

What Can Other Heroes Do?

There are so many heroes for sure and each one is best if played with right style. The unique and effective strategy can let you take off an opponent quickly. Earn sufficient amount of Battle Points and Diamonds to purchase awesome heroes. Not able to collect? Don’t worry and breathe!

Using Mobile legends hack will help in getting sufficient amount of currencies conveniently. Both the heroes mentioned above have great ability to sustain and it can let you be the last person standing in battle.

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