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Purchase Guide for Heroes in Mobile Legends

Surely Mobile Legends is getting intense popularity these days and probably, you are also playing it.  There is a nice list of awesome heroes given to choose from. It is true that anyone can end up getting confused in it. But, don’t worry as this guide will let you choose the right one to purchase for better gaming experience and dominating over all the modes.

Basics To Know

There are total 49 heroes in the game and you have to spend the real money to get any of them. The alternative to save your money is Mobile Legends hack which is used by most of the expert gamers to get rid of all issues. The below given list is shorted as BP price range and these are from highest to lowest so choose the best one by need.

  1. Odette

You can easily find that Odette is best one when it comes to playing against Crowd. If you want to use Odette effectively then se spell vamp and at the same time, go for the use of CD reduction items. Enemy has to deal with great damage and it will keep shelling more damage.

  1. Argus

The cool third skill is available in Argus and he is able to get the hammered on. He has the trick to do maximum damage as much as possible when the third skill is active. The second skills are also able to close the durance and the first skill is to deal with some extra damage. All of them can help in standing long on the battlefield.

  1. Grock

Unique abilities can trick opponent and in order to perform best tricks, Grock Can help. As Grock is near a wall, the second skill is starting point to do an attack with higher effectiveness. Must use the first skill for the damage and it can slow the target too. The crowd control effects are also able to give extra benefits to you.

  1. Irithel

The fastest and the heavy hitter of the game is Irithel as her third skill is to get in close and it has a damage boost too. Even her first skill is helpful in reducing target’s physical armor. On the other hand, using second skill in that time won’t let target run fast. It can help in taking great damage over opponent.

  1. Harley

This is last one in our list for now. You may know that the only hero who has very lethal mage is Harley. His second skill is movement speed and it is surely helpful in escaping. If you cast it again then it is easy to get rid of all the issues related to opponent.

Final Words

These are some important factors that you should look for while choosing a new hero to purchase. Defiantly, there is need of battle points and diamonds to purchase them so earn maximum amount or don’t waste much resources to play with ease in mobile legends.


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